JCC Int. Trade ma przysłowiowego asa w rękawie

JCC Int. Trade holds ace card in hand

Lew to strażnik w chińskiej symbolice

Lion as the guardian in Chinese symbolism

JCC Int. Trade trumps

cooperation with us equals sure success

The greatest advantage of JCC Int. Trade is mobility and readiness for action in every part of China. Our trustful representative is able to visit practically every supplier in China within 3-7 days, check their reliability. In case of some urgent order, some mistakes, doubts, we can check factual condition of your order anytime. If you would like to arrange fast quality inspection by yourself, it is impossible in fact, because of visa applying time, plane ticket's booking and hotel's booking. Obviously costs of this journey will be also high. That is why in this situation JCC Int. Trade is up to these tasks.

Our representative inspects goods with all details, arranges careful quality checking, we never missed any mistake, any defects, we check everything with perfection and precision. We notice mistakes which for Chinese suppliers are just small problems.

Our another advantage is experience. We know - with who it is worth to cooperate or who you should avoid. We recognize mistakes in documents or defects in products, which are happening often as suppliers often repeat same errors. We know well different regions in China, we know what to expect in each area, each province. We are also familiar with products range in each province. Moreover JCC Int. Trade representative has sense of price and we can notice easily, if somebody increases price a lot.

JCC Int. Trade essential trump card is knowledge of China, Chinese people and their mentality. Within few minutes of discussion, we know how supplier treats his foreigner customer, if he is reliable, honest and treat order seriously, pay attention to shipping time and quality. It happens that supplier in China is total misunderstanding and at that time we are able to warn you, before you decide to pay deposit and order goods.

What's more - cooperation with us means you know the truth. Often Chinese suppliers don't tell you all the truth about actual order, they delay production time or by accident they send you wrong goods or incorrect packing. Our job is to verify real state of your order during visit in the factory. We can send you detailed report from this meeting: photos and specification - which are proofs giving you detailed account of this checking.

Besides there is no language barrier and time difference, which is another advantage in cooperation with JCC Int. Trade.

Opinions and statements of our customers

safe import from China, why it is worth to cooperate with us

"I am happy, I didn't order goods in first factory, which I found and asked you to check them. It should have been great factory, but it was some barn, home-made workshop."
" Most important in our cooperation is, that you can visit my supplier anytime and check quality. I would spend four times more money and would have to spend one week for travel and few weeks before I even arrange this travel."
"We saved lots of time and money (including sovenirs discount) thanks to your guidance and help with hotel booking."
"For me it is esential, that you can check if supplier is reliable in China. If I need to send them in advance few thousands dollars as deposit, I prefer to know who they are first."
"My collegue ordered goods in some fictional factory, website disappeared, phones are death, emails return. Truth is he only lost small deposit, but still… I prefer to be safe than sorry. So please visit them soonest and check this company."
"Thank you for so detailed report and all photos from quality checking. I didn't expect so much information from your side. For sure it will increase my knowledge about this supplier."
"Documents were all fine, lucky you pointed all errors before, otherwise wouldn't be easy with custom clearance."

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