Beginning of JCC Int. Trade in Shenzhen, in 2004

Beginning of JCC Int. Trade in Shenzhen, in 2004

First business meetings in Hong Kongu, in 2003

First business meetings in Hong Kongu, in 2003

Modern metrolpolis Shenzhen - view from DiWang building in 2004

Modern metrolpolis Shenzhen - view from DiWang building in 2004

History of JCC Int. Trade

The beginning of import

2003-2004 The first trips to China. Visiting factories in area of Shanghai, Changzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguang. The first contacts with suppliers from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We arranged import of batteries and accumulators, audio-video connections. Price negotiations, searching the best suppliers.

2004 Searching for promotional and advertising products. The first quality control and verification of the reliability of Chinese companies. Organization of promotional items for more or less well-known brands. During this period we dealt with orders for infant hats, bags, backpacks, plush toys, umbrellas, clocks etc.

2004 We established permanent cooperation with Chinese freight forwarder (company with headquarter in Taiwan). Since then we improved sea and air shipment, we arranged LCL and FCL transport to Gdynia and Hamburg sea-ports. Till now we cooperate with same reliable and trust worthy forwarder. JCC representative was staying in Shenzhen constantly.

2004-2005 Our first meetings with Polish customers during exhibitions in China and Hong Kong. We changed profile of our business: complex handling of import from China, we adjusted and became more elastic to match customers needs and requirements. Together with them we arranged business travels in China, visiting factories and negotation before first order. At that time we were handling different business fields like: textile, jewellery, fitness equipment, food and medical products, furnitures, home-appliances, consumer electronics and toys. More and more often we arranged quality checking. We build first internet website of JCC Int. Trade, which provided us many new enquiries about import from China. Repeatedly we were helping Polish importers to put first steps in China: joining fairs together, arranging factory visit and sight-seeing cities such as Shanghai, Ningbo, Hong Kong, Shenzhen or Guangzhou.

2005-2006 We have gained dozens of permanent customers. Most of them required complex help with import from China from sourcing goods through arranging samples, order's negotiation till final order and shipment. Some other customers enquired us with shipment and quality checking before sending goods from China. At that time we were still visiting factories on our own or together with Polish delegations. We travelled to typical industrial cities such as: Jinan, Ningbo, Shanghai, Changzhou, Yiwu, Shaoxing, Guangzhou, Dongguang. JCC's representative was permanently staying in Shenzhen and often visiting fairs in this city, but also famous Canton Fair and Hong Kong exhibitions. Constantly we were sourcing for different products in China - now it is hard to list all the items that we enquired in China. We bought new domains: www.jccint.com and www.importchiny.pl .

2007 We established cooperation with big Chinese tour-operator. Thanks to this we expanded our service including hotel booking and buying plane tickets in China. Promotional and loyalty system of this travel agency provided us good discount for hotels in whole China. We booked hotels and flights for our own representatives but also for customers who visited Chinese factories and exhibitions together with us.

2007-2008 We improved transport and custom clearance in Hamburg. From that moment we took care of all aspects of import including documents handling for custom clearance and arrange truck transport from sea-port to customer's headquarter. We were still dealing with permanent orders, including quality checking in China.

2008-2009 In addition to typical orders we helped in difficult situations: bankruptcy of Chinese supplier and missing documents for shipment and customs; negotiations of future cooperation with chinese company which splited into two parts - another co-owner established new company with similar brand name. We were also able to schedule fact factory visits when some exhibition wasn't successful and interesting for customers from Poland. We gained more domains connected with our business field (in Polish): targichiny.pl , transportchiny.pl. We established one more website www.jccint.pl and created new website for quality checking and verification of suppliers in China: www.kontrolajakosci.jccint.pl, sprawdzeniefirmywchinach.pl.

2009-2010 Despite of worldwide crisis and unstable economical situation our company was still developing. However some customers reduced or hold their orders in China because of adverse exchange rates. At the same time new customers appeared who constantly import goods from China regardless of the economical situation. We took care of some new orders such as diet supplements, computer hardware and consumer electronics, machines and equipment for packing/production, raw-material, decorations.

2010-2011 Gradual increasing of JCC Int. Trade range of service helped us to keep many customers but also gain new customers. We refreshed our logo and rebuild new and more complex website. We became flexible, modern company which puts on service's quality and efficiency of our actions.

2012-2013 More often Polish importers get in touch directly with Chinese suppliers, discuss details, prices, negotiate conditions - however some put themselves in risk of scamming. At that time we were more and more busy with checking legality of Chinese companies. We also arranged many quality checking and loading checking before goods leave Chinese factory. We setup another website for customers who are mostly interested in full container transport: www.konteneryzchin.pl.

2014-2015 Because of many enquiries connected with quality checking and legality checking of Chinese companies we built new website www.sprawdzeniefirmywchinach.pl . Thanks to our work, our actions Polish importers can buy goods from reliable suppliers in China, with our detailed reports they know much more about their business partners in China.

Facts and numbers:

data from years 2004-2012

Representative of JCC Int. Trade visited over 200 factories in China (information based on our schedules and booking of hotels and plane tickets). We arranged 97 quality checking of goods in China, including legality verification before placing order (information based on reports and photos). We guided in China 25 delegations from Poland: visitng fairs, factory tours and city sightseeing (data based on photos and calendar). We visited 32 exhibitions in China (information based on ID cards and registration forms). Representative of JCC Int. Trade visited 39 cities and towns in China in 11 provinces (information based on our schedule, bookings and photos). We arranged 79 air transports from China (data based on AWB documents). We arranged 273 sea transports, both LCL and FCL, import from China mostly to Hamburg, Gdańsk and Gdynia (information based on B/L). We checked 321 commercial invoices from Chinese suppliers, only in few cases customers arranged transport by different agent (data based on commercial invoices and packing lists). We managed to prepare set of documents for 148 custom clearances, this service was available later (information based on customs' documents). From 2004 to 2012 we cooperated with 76 customer from different business fields, all of them we served with maximum care and reliability.

Import from China, transport from China, quality checking in China.

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