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Transport from China, import from China, quality checking and consulting.

From 2004 JCC International Trade supports Polish companies in import from China. We offer a full range of services related to import and transport from China. Our service includes: help in import from China, transport from China and Taiwan, negotiations and arrangements with Chinese suppliers, consulting, complex solutions for logistics in China, verification of legality of Chinese companies, we also arrange samples from China, quality checking in China, companies audit and so on. JCC as shortcut in Polish means Jakość (Quality) Cena (Price) Czas (Time)!

JCC International Trade is a bridge connecting East and West, Asia and Europe, China and Poland.

Many importers, producers, merchants are looking for suppliers in China. Finding them is not difficult, but other problems often appear which are connected with transport, quality control, price analyzing, lead time. JCC Int. Trade exists to eliminate such problems, minimize risk, fully and constantly control your orders in China.

We are not broker, we are more like your business partner, we can invite you to visit your suppliers, you will get original documents from factories. JCC Int. Trade treats every enquiry individually, so that our customers are not afraid of import, they are not worried about quality and time.

JCC Int. Trade is a warranty of success for your company in China. For us most important is quality, price and production time. more


Since 2004 - real help in import and transport from China

Our company is one of three companies, which at that time started to arrange import and transport from China for Polish customers. Trust company with long experience!

Many satisfied customers

We have long experience in importing different type of goods from China. We arrange sea, air and railway transport from China. We cooperate also with suppliers from Hong Kong and Taiwan. We try to help large importers as well as smaller companies in Poland. We lead orders for our customers from the beginning of production in China till receiving goods in Poland. We offer service with reasonable rates and by this way import from China is safe and profitable. We have many satisfied customers, they use our complex services or use some help, for example quality checking or loading checking.


We support Polish importers in many ways: finding supplier in China, arranging transport, quality checking and custom clearance in Poland or Germany. We cooperate with companies, which order complex solutions from us or ask specific service like quality checking only or transport. We can easy adjust our service to customer's demands and needs. We can also offer solutions for some specific problems, if for exmaple production takes too long or Chinese supplier doesn't look reliable. We know very well Chinese reality and Chinese mentality.

Reasonable prices

We are aware that import from China is not as easy or as profitable as it was 15-20 years ago. We know that some fields like raw materials for production every cent makes the differences. We also have contact with customers who just start import and everything depends on careful calculation. In every condition our service rates doesn't have that much influence on final price of product from China, but our solutions help to safe money and time. It applies mostly to scamming risk, mistakes in documents, delays in receiving cargo from China, custom clearance delay. We always show our customers real cost of import.

Perfect communication

Cooperation with us means also better communication with Chinese supplier. Thanks to our presence in China and in Poland, also thanks to our direct contact with shipping agent in China we don't waste time. We know that import must be profitable but also efficient and fast. There are goods, there are situations when cargo cannot wait too long. We often remind Chinese suppliers about production time, when goods are ready we arrange transport by sea, air or railway. If it is needed, we can also arrange quality checking before shipment. Before cargo arrives to it's destination we prepare all documents for custom clearance from supplier and shipping agent. We contact directly Chinese supplier, Chinese logistic company, custom clearance in Europe and Polish shipping agent. We do not waste time, there is no understatement!

Our services

Complex help in import from China: finding suppliers, calculating price, arranging samples, verification of legality of the Chinese company , quality checking in China, arranging transport by sea, air or railway and preparing documents for custom clearance. We also arrange road transport in Europe.

Import from China, transport from China, quality checking in China.

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Safe import from China

Import from China with JCC International Trade

import China, service, efficient help, cooperation and trade with China

We exist since 2004 and from the beginning we specialize in import from China. We help Polish importers to find Chinese suppliers. We know how important is quality, reasonable price, production and shipping time.

Transport from China

transport of goods from China

container transport from China, LCL cargo from China, air transport

We have large experience in arranging safe and efficient transport from China. We arrange sea transport from China, railway transport and air transport. For many years we cooperate with verified shipowners, agents, we have reasonable rates for containers directly from China. Compare with other agent, we work fast, we react fast to ship goods from China. Goods from China cannot wait few weeks, we know how important is shipping time and efficient logistics solutions. We suggest many reasonable solutions for our customers: combining goods, shipping by different ways to reduce cost.

Quality checking in China

company checking in China, quality checking

we arrange audit of Chinese companies and quality checking/p>

Many importers do serious mistake and give up quality checking in China, unfortunately it is very risky decision. After many years of cooperation with China, we know that you should be always careful. Sometimes there is risk of scam, other time some mistake with packing or just serious defects of goods from Chinese supplier. We usually suggest our customers to check legality of supplier and check goods before shipment.

Fairs in China

selecting correct exhibition in China, import from China

how to find Chinese suppliers

We know many ways of finding supplier in China. One of them is to join exhibition in China, we advice how to choose best fair, we plan business travel and help with invitations for visa. We can also book hotels, which we visited personally. Our employees can search for reliable suppliers in China, if you do not plan to visit any exhibition.

Import from China couldn't be easier

safe and well-calculated import from China

chosing reliable supplier from China, knowing cost and smooth custom clearance

Cooperation with us means you chose safe import from China. Our service range helps us to reduce risk of scamming in China. Moreover we suggest fast transport from China, in some cases cheapest transport means it will last much longer. With us you avoid any basic mistakes with documents, we prepare all documents for customs in advance. The point of our actions is to make import from China smooth and efficient.

Import from China, transport from China, quality checking:
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Our advantages:

Import from China, transport from China, quality checking in China.

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