Checking legality of Chinese companies

We verify documents of Chinese suppliers, business license, certificates and so on

Verification of company / factory in China

verifying Chinese suppliers

Our representative can visit personally factory or trading company in China which you selected to be in charge of your order. We arrange meeting with exact person who is in charge of international trade. If possible we also meet with managers or owners. We talk about cooperation, trade rules, quality of their products, we check carefully their offer. We also try to see whole production line, offices, warehouse, designers office, show-rooms... Except company itself we also inspect all the documents, registration documents and certificates.

By asking us to verify supplier, you do not loose anything - you gain safety and trust!

During this meeting we observe attitude of employee, their mentality, their commitment. We judge if supplier is reliable and responsible to cooperate with our customer. We put ourselves in customer's position and closely observe the entire company and employees to decide if we found correct supplier in China.

After every visit we are able to prepare detailed report and dozens of photos (it is also possible to record short movie about Chinese company). Thanks to complete description and photos you would feel like you have been in this factory. We also make conclusions after every inspection and our representative can share his opinion and idea about chosen supplier in China. All provided information can either build more trust and help in future cooperation or can bring more doubts and end cooperation. We never embellish the truth, we just present the facts!

Company name is different than factory name!? We can verify it.

We have many years of experience in inspections. Because of this we can recognize fast honest person. If during meeting someone avoids our eyes and some expressions in Chinese are translated in different ways - we know that something is not right. Sometimes simple question requires long discussion between office employee and managers, by this we know that the person talking with us is not competent. Ignorance or ironic behaviour of main manager provides dishonesty. This attitude can be easy discovered by our inspector who visited around 200 companies within 7 years in China.

Import from China, transport from China, quality checking in China.

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